A Meta Journey

The world is changing. Day by day technology is evolving into a thing that we never would have imagined. Research and newly developed stuff can be certified and increase the speed of the development of the technology. Nowadays the word “Metaverse” is all in our minds, social networks and websites are full of metaverse news. What is this metaverse? Why do people are so excited about this metaverse thing? 

We think that metaverse is newly generating and newly developing but it has been in our life since the invention of social networks, the internet, and other things that generate another way of socializing and living other than normal life. SMS was life-changing. You could actually send a text message to the person without and paper or a physical thing. It’s happening on a virtual textbox with virtual letters. Like the example that I’m writing this blog on a computer, not to a paper or any kind of physical thing. Our life started to change and the change may lead us to destruction. Technology is good, but the dosage of it needs to be controlled. If The amount is not under control. The things that we created, our minds, will not be enough for the result. 

Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting however the scariest part of the developing metaverse. Automation might be exciting but the emotion that the things that we are doing belongs to another kind of mind gives us goosebumps. The balance is important like all the other stuff is in life. We went through a lot as humankind what will this journey bring us to, a new level of utopia or a corrupted world? 

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