A Middle of the Road Student

In today’s world, a pressure has been put on students because of the idea of “becoming very successful in every lesson”, which is brought by the education system. This out of logic idea supports that students must struggle to be the best and set aside everything else in favor of excelling in the classroom. That attitude exists because it’s how the education system is evolved in our country. Anyone who wants to go to a good college needs to study hard and score high on the exams. The skills you have developed outside of the classroom are unrelated in terms of college admission. It means that from a student’s perspective, activities you do outside are just a waste of time in case your goal is to get into a well-known college.

Being successful in school is of course important, but being a student with average grades does not mean failing. While getting acceptable grades in the academic field, being active in other fields and social activities is the healthiest way for a person to improve himself. In this respect, our education system restricts students to a great extent and ignores their other skills. This education system can be compared to mass production factories created to raise identical students. It’s a ruthless factory that takes students with exceptional skills and puts them on the factory line to produce the same kind of students.

Bill Gates, whom we all know, left his education at Harvard University in 1975 and founded Microsoft. In fact, Gates was a well-educated, successful student since childhood; however, it was not this feature that made him successful in the end, it was his belief that he could change the world and his hard work to make his dreams come true. Not graduating from a university can be a ‘failure’ by society’s standards; however, the important thing is to work, think innovatively and adapt to the changing world, even if you don’t get good grades in school.

Good grades in school only indicate that you are successful within a certain system; it doesn’t mean you’re ready for the real world. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, dropped out of his university education, and while he was studying at Harvard University, he distanced himself from social life and devoted himself to working on the website. He has become one of the most successful names of today, thanks to his emphasis on his skills in the technological field.

As a result, life is not just about the grading system brought by our education system. We should improve ourselves in other areas as well and produce new ideas with different perspectives. Because in real life it is not grades that matter, but your ability to adapt and think innovatively.


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