Question: If a museum was built for you and your life, what would you want in it? Explain the objects and/or memorials that would be there.

If there was a museum built for me, there is a big chance there wouldn’t be too many stuff in there. My life isn’t too interesting in my opinion. I mean I guess I have moved countries 3 different time but that doesn’t matter. Also I would definitely want my first notebooks and reading books in the museum, also my computer would be there and every single rubber I ever lost (over infinity) would be there yea as I told you nothing interesting. Pictures of all the homes I lived in (4). (I’m trying to come up with every single thing I can come up with.) I guess the photos of my schools, my family and friends memorials can also be there but I’m not sure though. Favorite music and games? I don’t get nothing else, there’s is probably way more things to include but I’m not too sure about that.

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