A New Day

I thought I would open my eyes to an ordinary day as usual, but how could I have known that day could be so different from the days I lived. When I heard the sound of my alarm, I was suddenly awakened by the sound of the wind blowing over me. The window was left open all night. A lot of leaves had gotten into my room all night long.

After completing my final preparations to go to school, I went out to get my bike, which was sitting by the door of the house. But I saw my bicycle standing horizontally a little further from where it should be. Whereas it should have stood upright, attached to the fence right next to the door.

I pedaled my bike as much as I could to get to school on time. I was surprised by the beauty of the coal-black cat I saw on the other side of the road. But as I was looking at the cat at that time, I could not see that the continuation of the road was a void. I failed to slow down on my bike and began to roll into the void that seemed to be going into infinity. Then everything started to turn black.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in my bed. Everything had to be a dream.”It turns out my mind was playing tricks on me.” I thought. But things did not go as I thought. I saw my window was open again, and the leaves were in the same place. I wanted to believe it was just a coincidence.

After completing all my preparations the same way, I headed to get my bike, but when I realized that my bike was still in the same place as in my dream, I decided to go on foot.

I started to think I was going crazy when I saw the same black cat at the beginning of the same street as I was walking on the way to school. While looking at the cat in amazement, I realized that the place where I took my next step was the void and everything went black again.

The same things were happening again. I was sure now that what I was going through was not a trick of my mind. What I saw was not a dream, and this time, I was ready for what I was going to experience.

I immediately closed the window that I realized was open with the blowing wind. Instead of starting to get ready for school, I waited by the window and watched what would happen. When I turned my eyes to the window, the black cat which I had seen before at the beginning of the street was in front of my window.

Everything turned black and I was in bed again. I thought I was back to the beginning again. I hoped I was wrong. Maybe I was able to get out of this cycle, or maybe I could continue living these realistic things that I thought were dreams forever.

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