We know that the world needs our help. One of the main problems is that people don’t get the chance to make their ideas come to life. But let’s assume that you have enough opportunities to start a business. You have money, you have the place… What would you do? Here is my answer…

I would totally start a business in biotechnology. Especially about organ printing. Do you know why? Because we don’t realize how important this is. Another patient who is waiting to get an organ transplant is added to the list every ten minutes. If that isn’t enough 8,000 people die each year because they lose their chance of getting a transplant. That means almost 1 person dies from organ failure every hour. To solve this problem, I would make my own company about printing 3d organs. I believe that this technology will be so effective that we won’t need people to donate their organs. That means no more patients who are suffering from such problems.

I also would start a business about protecting the world and helping everyone. Nowadays we are too blind to see people who are suffering, or we don’t care about it. The solution is so easy: open your eyes. Everywhere people are poor, they can’t even find money to buy a bottle of water. Everywhere there are species that are turning extinct because of us. Everywhere there are uneducated people walking around. Everywhere there is always a fight, never peace. Everywhere there is inequality. I would start a business to solve these problems. I know that I can’t solve them all, but I can decrease their effects on our mother earth.

To conclude, I would create businesses that would try to solve world’s problems. We all just need the opportunity, am I right?


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