World peace is a thing that we need these days. But what is exactly world peace? World peace or peace on earth, idealized worldview for freedom peace and happiness for all nations. According to this worldview, all states and nations can cooperate voluntarily in a NONVIOLENT world. And according to the writing that I read, some states are advocating that they should improve atom bombs which would affect a smaller area to protect world peace. I can’t believe state or even world leaders are thinking about this very violent idea. Do they even know what is world peace? I don’t know.

Well, if you are asking an idea to maintain the world peace, here is an idea… encourage people to be more helpful.

Let’s think of another world problem… environmental pollution. In summer 2021 a lot of forests burned in Turkey. It kept going on for days and days. the forests burnt for like a month or two? And did you ever wondered why did the whole forests burn. I did and let me tell you why. Because of human waste. Like glass bottles. You know glass conduct sunlight very well, and because of global warming the summer was so hot. You know what possible problems it can lead to. Whatever. You get the point people went to picnic and they thrower their waste to the forest, however there is quite a lot trash cans in the forest, and our country burned. As world leader can teach people to be more considerate or even emphasize people to mercy our home.

So as a conclusion I wanted to say, Einstein’s biggest regret was to split the atom. Because people used this to make weapons. Why is world leaders trying to improve a regretted discovery to make something worse? I really don’t understand.

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