A Non-Rewenable Fuel VS The Most Important Resource Of Our Life

Everyone knows how expensive the petroleum is, aren’t we? At most of the sectors, petroleum is used for main energy source. Although petroleum is so valuable, there is more important needs like water. Every human being had to drink three to five litres everyday for staying alive. Neither petroleum nor water is infinite, both of them will become extinct one day. Until that day, we need to be careful about the usage of both of them. But, if you have a chance to increase the resources in your country, would it be water or petroleum? I know this is a hard to choice between these two important resources, that’s why it would be better to think about the pros and cons for either of them. So , why don’t we?


First, I will mention about water. It is the most important thing for all living things. From existence until now, world lost twenty five percent of it’s water resources. It is a huge amount of water, isn’t is? Furthermore, 2.1 billion people can not reach fresh water. When we think about all of the people who don’t have any chance to get fresh water, we can understand the vitality of water shortage. Also, north and south poles began to melt because of the global warming.  This means lots of animals dies and will die because of this problem. Isn’t is seems like a better opportunity to get water rather than petroleum?

Before judging how much it makes sense to choose petroleum, we should look at the parts of life that we use petroleum. First, we need to use petroleum for most of the cars. Although there are cars which uses electric, most of the cars still uses gasoline. Secondly, most of the factories uses petroleum for main energy resource. That means petroleum is used for most of the products we use in our life at the producing process. Furthermore, when we look at the petroleum prices worldwide we can see how much it costs to have petroleum. Our country wouldn’t have a problem about petroleum and it would probably effect our economy and quality of life in a positive way. It seems like petroleum is a good choice too.

But if we mention about petroleum more detailed, we can see there are alternative energy resources that are also renewable , endless sources , like wind energy or thermal energy. Also, they aren’t harm the enviroment like the petroleum does. Even though petroleum is expensive and can be sold for high prices, it would be better to have renewable energy because they are cheap and also you don’t have to pay for it continously. For example, when you build a wind energy central, you don’t have to pay for energy anymore (if you have enough central that you get all the energy you need) because wind is free. But there is no alternative for water or a way to live rather than living by drinking water. Water is a need for us, but petroleum is not the only way. That’s why I should rahter choose water instead of petroleum.

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