A Pair Of Purple Eyes

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I quickly got up from my desk where I had fallen asleep with the sound of the clock. What time was it, what was I doing, where was I now? Before I could even have time to sort through the millions of thoughts in my head, suddenly two people entered the door before I could collect myself. I guess I couldn’t recognize who they were because of their silhouette and I strangely looked at them, maybe because of my stupor, when they saw me, they screamed in a way that I couldn’t understand, as if they were going to burst my eardrums.


The moment they grabbed my arm and started dragging me from the room, the thoughts in my head started to get more confused as if they were very neat. But the walls seem… a little strange-looking. It’s like the circles are spinning and they were sucking me in. I was running to these walls non-stop, after I went from room to room, they had me sit on a make-up kit and one of them disappeared between the swiveling walls in purple tones between other rooms in a second. As my consciousness was playing with me, the person standing next to me started to rub purple lipstick on my lips. My head started to spin even more as if I was allergic to purple. It was as if the color of the lipstick was shining. I thought I had never seen such a beautiful purple in all the confusion and in 15 minutes everything was ready and we ran out of the house-style place we were in as if chasing us a monster.


 A pain stabbed in my head for a moment, why couldn’t I perceive anything properly. What happened yesterday was vague, I couldn’t remember anything, and now I was being pushed into the car by two people without resistance. We hit the road by stepping on the gas, but at that moment the person next to me was still struggling to do something to my face, but I pushed him so that he wouldn’t do it anymore, I’m not a baby after all. I screamed involuntarily when I looked at the face of the person I pushed. This person had no face. Just like the character in the fairy tale you listened to when you were a child, his face was black, but only two purple eyes, which could only belong to a monster, were prominent. I started banging on the windows as if I wanted to throw myself out of the car, and my head was getting more blurry… No, no no no no go away while my consciousness shouted, the world went dark in a few seconds. I was falling asleep as if hearing a sweet lullaby, no matter how hard I tried to resist, slowly, delicately…


As soon as I started to hear hums, it was as if I came to my senses, maybe a little bit. Everything that happened had developed so quickly, when I came to myself, I was at the airport. That’s when I started to look around. It was showing 14:37 but my clock was 2 minutes ahead, how nice it was to remember this important information in the midst of all that. On the ticket, the departure of the plane was written as 16.00. However, the airport was a bit too empty for some reason. If you add up the number of people, it would seem like several at least forty people. It was darker than it should have been. How did I get here? Who were the people just before and the most important question is why was I at an airport? I slowly got up from my seat and started walking. I didn’t have a bag or suitcase with me, at least not as far as I can remember. My arms started to itch as I walked. It was incredibly uncomfortable, but I couldn’t even raise my arm. I was just walking, it was as if there was a nightmare, but these things didn’t make sense at all, what was going on! Unknowingly, I woke up, dressed by two people, and found myself in a dark airport when I suddenly fainted and woke up again. I was walking on it, but I couldn’t move any other way. The voices were starting to disappear. The alarm sound that I heard only in the morning was playing in the back and I was walking. My heart started beating like crazy after a few minutes. Someone was watching me, from a distance for a while. I couldn’t turn back I knew what were they. A pair of purple eyes…


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