A Peaceful World

“ Would more strict laws make the world peaceful or would it cause more crimes?”

To talk about law,we should learn what it really means and why it exists in our world. The word law has been defined in dictionary as “The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.” or basically we could say: people do not find the behaviours exhibited by other people, ethical and they create a system that is called law to judge those people. When we take our life standarts as example we would be able to see how important law is. Thanks to laws we are able to judge people and let the justice shine through most of the time. But, as much as human’s ethic, are laws that ethic?

We all know,just because something is accepted by the majority doesnt mean that, that thing is right. Furthermore, it is important to be able to critize the law that are being pushed towards us. The government or the society creating or making more strict laws wouldnt be a good idea either. Of course, that could change topic to topic but the only thing the strict laws would fix is the amount of crimes that are being committed. If someone really wants to commit a crime they would do it any way they can whatever the consequences are.

A peaceful word… People always question whether it is possible or not. But, what world could we call “peaceful”? Is it really right when there is a law with strict rules, that only supresses negative feelings and create pressure on people? Would world become better this way? Would the decrease of the amount of crimes that are being commited, make people feel safe? Would people that are under all this pressure of laws, people that are scared of doing a little mistake and ending up in jail or even getting executed because of that, feel like they’re in a peaceful and safe world?

Which brings to our main question again “Would more strict laws make the world peaceful or would it cause more crimes?” Of course,the amount of crimes that are being commited would decrease but with that, people could get even more anxious under that pressure which could become something bigger like a chaos. In my opinion, we cant give a solid answer for this question. Perhaps for a while we would be able to live in a peaceful world but after a while it could turn into a world with lots of crimes and violence. It’s all is a matter of perspective…

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