A Pessimistic View On Life

We have all experienced a day when all the things that could have gone wrong actually did go wrong. Was it because we didn’t prepare enough for these outcomes or was it a gift from the universe? Well, as a matter of fact I am trying to find the answer myself.


‘If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong, at the worst possible time, all the time, all at once.’ says Murphy’s Law. Even though a lot of people see this belief as a pessimistic view of life, I’d have to disagree. Murphy’s Law goes beyond this very simple idea. It expends the posibilities that a normal human being could ever think of and makes them learn a lot of other skills. ‘How?’ you might ask. To answer your question, we have to examine Murphy’s Law a little closer.


‘Anything that can or cannot go wrong, will go wrong, and is your fault.’ Taking up responsibility for our mistakes takes a lot of courage and time but when we are able to do that we basically clear our path to succes from obstacles. ‘Anything that you do or don’t expect will go wrong, and will be worse than expected.’ Expecting the unexpected is a skill that is very challenging to learn. However when you do learn it you will always be prepared for any kind of unfortunate event.


‘Anything that you try fixing will take longer than expected and cost more than you initially thought.’ Undertaking a task is the easier way to do it but it could make you spend more time than you would have expected. When you embrace this way of thinking though, you will expand your way of understanding on these types of situations. ‘Anything left to itself will go from bad to worse.’ Ignoring our problems is a way of dealing with them but it obviously doesn’ help with anything. Not letting anything to get out of our hands is always helpful.


‘Anything worth doing has already been done.’ Since we live in a world full of ideas not being authentic could be hard but this way of thinking would motivate us to be more original. ‘Always smile because tomorrow will be worse.’ Life consists of continues problems. Nevertheless, everything that we are going through could have been worse.


As a conclusion Murphy’s Law creates a new perspective for us. Thinking that everything we want would come to us by itself wouldn’t have been a healthy way of thinking.

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