World. A planet is reminiscent of the only ball shape on which life exists. It is just an object that is the center of life and occupies a tiny space in space, where the beings that we call living and that we divide into groups have lived for a long time. For us, however, it is a ground where we wake up every morning, go to work or school, wander outside and see new places. However, it should not be forgotten that even a small problem on or around it is a place of importance that can bring the end of the biosphere layer it hosts. To give information about its past, based on the researches and scientific data obtained by geologists, it has been concluded that the age of the Earth is approximately 4.54 billion years. All this time, every being has lived in harmony according to their environment; In this long-term environment in which continents, regions, forests, animals, or plants are formed according to this order, the innovations made for the development of humanity, which took place in the time we can call recent history, encounter an important and damaging problem that we call “global warming”, and if it is not resolved, the part of nature that has lived together until now we can clearly state that humanity is on the verge of extinction.

When solving problems, we must first look at the source. If we consider this issue, it is assumed that the cause of global warming is caused by increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Like carbon dioxide and methane gases, it is thought that the radiation from the Sun, on the one hand, prevents its reflection into outer space and on the other hand, absorbs the heat from this radiation, causing the earth to overheat. In addition, this issue was first mentioned at the “Rio Earth Summit” held in 1992 and the problems that the climate would create on it were taken into consideration. In the world, where the average temperature is 15 degrees, it has been observed that there have been periods in the past where this temperature rises above or below 15 degrees. But the situation we found is increasing much faster than in previous periods,. Researchers state that “Since the Industrial Revolution of the 1750s, CO2 levels have also increased by more than 30 percent. It is calculated that the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere is at its highest level for at least 800,000 years.”


I think the world will never be the same in my opinion. However, there are ways we can slow down this worsening situation. Of course, the first thing to do is to reduce the consumption of greenhouse gases. It should be ensured that the use of coal-style fuels is reduced or filters are installed in the chimneys of industrial facilities, the increase in the use of electric vehicles (environmentally friendly vehicles) can be given as an example. In addition, the transition from energy-intensive industrialization to less-energy-intensive industrialization should be encouraged, high-calorie wastes should be used as additional fuel instead of fossil fuels, the wild storage of garbage should be stopped, and landfills should be turned into bioreactors.


Unfortunately, there will be no immediate change with the implementation of these solutions, because this process takes place over the years. After all, global warming did not start yesterday. It should not be forgotten that the waste and excess use created by humanity is due to the increase over the years. but it should not be forgotten that if everyone mobilizes for this issue, the increase in the waters of the world and the extinction of animals will be postponed to perhaps 50 years later.


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