I am a film producer and I am looking forward on making a film about science fiction. I have thought of a unique and interesting plot for it and I believe it is gonna be successful.

The main characters are a team of adventures who haven’t been able to do much in years. They encounter a scientist who has invented some sort of time traveling device. He offers them to test the device, and as our team has been bored for a while now, they accept the offer instantly. But one of them still thinks it looks a bit sketchy. After figuring out how to make the device work, the team finally tries to time travel.

The team thought it would be a good idea to start off with the stone age since it was the first step of civilization, so they turned the machine on and they were instantly teleported thousands of years back. They realized something was off though, and it was a disaster, the device didn’t come with them!  After minutes of panicking, our team came up with a plan. They had to inform the first generation of humanity about this, hopefully passing it onto hundreds of generations of mankind until the day that same scientist invented the time machine, and prevent them from doing the same mistake again. They would have to be as careful as humanly possible to not create a paradox, but if it worked, they’d be able to return to the present.

That is it for now, probably. I believe I won’t make too many movies like this though, since as you know, quality is  over quantity. This movie might even be spoken about for a year or two!

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