A Sip of Tasteless Water

The life is unpredictable and unforgiving that you can never guess your future via just looking at current picture. One step going unknown is enough to disrupt your all part of life in a second. Additionally, there are steps like that but much more changeable and also effective as much as colossal troubles. Every single emotion change in daily routine could be the example of this fact. Happiness and sadness are obviously two main column of those time periods so that fatal question is “What is the thing we need to do to skip these with least wound?”

Strength of a person depends on his or her movement inside difficult moment such as critical choice or making plan about future. It is a fact that just looking up the outside of people may be wrong because we know strength consist of two par which is inner and outer strength. Outer strength is the power of being able to do what inner side of people wants so healthy body is nothing without mentality and it is valid for mentality.

Although, we have different inner and outer strength, we have to know every time there is solution to improve and solve problems we are in it. Moreover, it is happen with a sip of tasteless water. See red does not the thing we want.

“Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us to value of time.”

Only regret for us is just wasting times by being upset so what we need to do is take sip of water and look forward, as we said in beginning you cannot know without see. Another point is procrastinating; even if we are using time efficiency, procrastinating blocks our life like a fallen tree above a path. Already using time efficiency based on not how many thing you did in specific time, it is how many essential duty finished. Perhaps you have to write your essay for tomorrow exam presentation but instead of preparation you read book. It is also beneficial for improve our life but essentiality order is main thing to do.procrastinate

Consequently, all pain and distress make our mentality and stronger and these will not stop, everybody feel it every time and also it will not get easier but you will become what you want to be even you do not see.  In order to be happy you need to be loyal for your job, your time, your parents and finally yourself.

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