A Solution To Decrease The Crime Rate

We live in a world where criminals are punished and put in prisons depending on the level of their crime. All over the world, there exist thousands of prisons and new ones are being constructed each day. Should this continue as it is or should there be deterrent rules and laws to lower the crime rate around the globe?

Prisons are complexes made up of hundreds of rooms where the criminals are put. These empty rooms mainly focus on making criminals think about the things they had done and regret them.

When more prisons are constructed, doesn’t it normalize committing crimes? It gives the message that committing crimes is not a big deal since there are numerous numbers of criminals and prisons. I believe that there should be dissuasive laws that restrict people from committing an offense.

For instance, The United States is a country where a lot of crimes are dealt with. However, in the last 24 years, it is predicted that the crime rates have plummeted by a significant percentage of 51%. It is suggested that this may be a result of many events such as having more police on the streets and an increase in the number of prisoners. In this case, it seems like prisons are a way of scaring criminals.

Nevertheless, I think that the number of people being put in prison is directly connected with the law system. Building more prisons wouldn’t be and isn’t a solution for decreasing the crime rate, having strict rules regarding crimes is. This scares people of breaking the law in the first case.

Sadly, no matter how much the rules get stricter or how many prisons are built, crime will never stop. We live in a world where there is unfairness, unluckiness, and so on. In other words, there are dozens of reasons why people commit crimes initially. But this doesn’t mean that we need to let go of precautions. Every individual should be educated about and given the manners of living in a society. Additionally, all individuals should be reminded of international human rights.

To sum up, I believe that building more prisons is not a solution to decreasing the crime rate both around the globe and in this country. Laws should be improved and need to be adapted to the recent events. I hope that in the future there won’t be the need for any laws or strict rules. We all share this world and only we can learn how to leave together in peace.


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