A Strange Day

I was thinking about what to do after the job. I was bored and I didn’t have any motivation. After my job ended, I decided to eat something outside. I went to a pizza restaurant which is near my home. The restaurant had really delicious pizzas to eat. I ordered a large size mixed pizza. It had a lot of ingredients in it. I started eating my pizza and while eating I was looking to the street. I was shocked because there was no one on the street.

I finished my pizza and went to my car. When I went to my car, my mobile phone started to ring. It was an unknown number. I accepted the call and said:” Hello, who is this?”After a few seconds, I heard a voice coming from the phone. I immediately hang up the phone and started to drive my car. I decided to go home. After a few minutes, I was at home. I went in front of the door. I opened the door and I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. Everything was in a mass and some windows were broken. I quickly searched for my dog at home. But he wasn’t at the home. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I quickly went to a police department. But there was no one inside.”What was happening ?” I said. I was going to be crazy. I got in my car and started driving. I was going really fast to find someone. Then, I remembered I ate pizza and there were some waiters in there. I went to the restaurant but there were no waiters. After that, I went to my office but my friends were not there. I got in my car. Then, my car started flying to the sky. I said, “What is happening?”When I looked up I saw some aliens. They were in a machine that they were pulling me to the sky. After a few seconds, they got me in that machine. I was in the space, then I saw the people that I was seeing on the streets before. They were all here so it looked like the aliens got all of us to the sky.

They let us all know about themself and they said they were not going to hurt us. They wanted to get some information about the Earth. They said they are friends so we calmed down a little bit. After those, they went back to Earth and let us go. I was really shocked. That was the craziest thing that ever happened in my life. I will never forget that day.

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