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A Superhero in Real Life

We all know superheroes. These people, who appear on television as children, have special powers and use them to protect people. Watching them as children we would wonder what their daily life would be like. Would these people just have normal lives if they were real, or face some difficulties.


In my opinion all the situations a superhero would face in their daily life depends fully on their superpower. If they have a power that is only active when they decide to be would not have too many problems if they are smart about it. If they have a superpower similar to Superman’s it could easily remain unnoticed unless they just fly around in the office. They can just pretend to be a regular colleague and no one would notice. This would also end up similar if the super hero had a super power that can manipulate people’s memories. If someone found about your powers you could just erase it from their heads. They could just go around tell people about their powers and just erase the memory from them when they are done. But then there are superpowers that change one’s physical appearance. One example is the incredible hulk. Whenever Bruce Banner is feeling angry his body starts growing and turning green. He loses control of himself and becomes very aggressive. If he got angry about something at work he may lose control and bust his cover which may be really problematic. But on the other hand if could be an ability like martian manhunter’s. Martian manhunter can change their appearance on command. If his cover gets blown he can just change how he looks and come back to wherever he was as an entirely new person.

But if we have to think about a superhero that has to live in our current world either has to be extremely cautious or have some sort of ability that can cover their tracks. They must not have any ability that has a different appearance that can’t be controlled. They must have a ability that they have under control so they do not have a chance to mess up. They could however have an ability that covers their tracks so they are safe. With these necessities a superhero should be able to live in our current world without many difficulties.

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