A Thought of Loneliness

Just because you have people around doesn’t mean that you’re not lonely. Yes, you can be lonely even in a crowd, you can be lonely in your classroom. Because you’re still lonely at the end of the day if you felt like no one cared for you. The meaning of life is useless unless you have people around you that love you unconditionally. Every single person needs love and support. If a person lacks the feelings of people around them, they feel loneliness to the root. Loneliness is like a small tree standing by itself in a huge field. There are still grass on the ground but when you look from outside you only see a tree standing. If you feel empty, if you cannot feel that you are secure and loved, it also means that you are emotionally lonely. Everybody needs somebody, even the worst people out there needs a friend. You cannot spend your entire life by yourself. People will come and go. But in the end the most important thing is your happiness. Happiness is the exact opposite of loneliness. Some people claim that they love loneliness but it is not true. They just mean that they love spending tiny amount of their time at their own personal space. You would go crazy if you spend your entire life being lonely. You open your eyes to the world with people around you and you close your eyes to your life while things happen around you. Loneliness means sadness for me. You can’t consider your supposed friends as friends if you don’t feel secure and loved with them. We are just simple dots that are in a small planet which is placed in an endless darkness. The thought of loneliness is even enough to make you sad. People around you and things you achieve makes you happy, even if you achieve the greatest things, there is a high chance of possibility that you would feel lonely. Depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses are sourced from the feeling of loneliness. Depression is when you feel extremely lonely and have nothing to live for. Anxiety has different types but the most commonly known is when you feel too much emotions that results you for wanting to isolate yourself from the others. Loneliness is one of the most dangerous situations a person can find themselves in.
We should care for the people we love and make them feel it. We should always check on our friends and family to make sure that they don’t feel lonely when we are around them.

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