Loneliness. It is a deep hole consists everything in it. Some of it sees light just the surface though. When you go deeper the light is dim and there is nothing but darkness and you.

Sometimes people chose to be lonely, sometimes they are forced to be. So it’s not a choice. People who choose it have their reasons to be. Maybe to observe or have a second with themselves and most of the time just to be lonely. The ones that are forced to be might have done something to deserve it or most of the time they are miss judged and didn’t deserve it.

In the end, both sides are lonely. Just benefiting themselves but not having anything from anywhere or misdirected mostly from social media. Trying to change themselves or worse having the thought of changing the world. In the worst case, they find themselves searching for ways to have revenge. Not only from people. Everything. Including family, friends, plants, animals, mother nature, the world, or even god itself.

Everything aside there are some pros. You get to know who is who. Especially who are you and who do you have to be to people around you. Most of the impossible questions that you think there is no answer to get their answers on your mind. Everything around you and inside you get settled. So there is peace.

After all, it mostly hurts you. Since you are the only tree in an empty field. You seem nice but you are not a forest and you cannot be one if this is the case.

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