A Trip To Haunting Course


Last week a haunting course opened in our town. So, I and my family had decided to go there and we did.


We arrived at the haunting course at 10.00 am and an instructor helped us with the trip. We wandered every places at this course. At first, everything went well but then I saw a deer head hanging on a wall and I felt guilty even though I did nothing. After this place, all places in the course looked like a massacre to me.


Actually, the whole trip I felt very awful, and I believe it is nothing but murder. I can understand hunting animals for nutrition but killing them only just for fun is one of the few things that I can not understand. If you like to see them just hang a picture! However, I believe this trip made me a more sensitive person.


Consequently, I would like to say animals are so important in our environment and we need to protect them. So, it would be nice if this place does not look like a place that kills animals for fun.

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