Hawaii, Oahu, Dramatic Sunrise At Lanikai Beach, Mokulua Islands, Palm Frond


Another school year was over and I was feeling so down and exhausted. After the schools closed I spend 2 weeks with my messy life and it was not all like I imagined. My room was a literal mess. My parents tried to say “Get your life back together.” but I was so busy that I couldn’t even hear them. And now I’am dealing with the consequences. Until one day.

I woke up at 1 p.m. as usual and I was on my way to the kitchen for breakfast. My eyes weren’t opening, I could barely see. Then I slipped and found myself on the floor. I hinted my head so hard that I was seeing-double. When I looked at my feet there was a banana peel. Then I talked to myself “You know what? That’s it. I’m done with this mess.”. I cleaned my room for the whole day and had a self-care day. Now I was ready to live the summer. But what was I going to do. I didn’t plan anything for the summer. Then I called my best friend Olivia. She would help me with everything. We talked for hours and hours. The she came up with a brilliant idea.”Why don’t we go to Hawaii for a week?”. She was a genius she can deal with everything it sounded crazy but I said yes. I yelled this to my parents and they allowed to go by myself. I was losing my mind. 3 days later I packed a bunch of clothes and I was ready for Hawaii. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was way more exited that I should be. I woke with my alarm, grab my suitcase and went out the door. Everything passed so quickly that I found myself at the airport. I met Olivia siting on a cafe having her breakfast then I joined her. A little later we got onto the plane and the plane took off.

When we landed on Hawaii the atmosphere was amazing. At that time felt the week was gonna be awesome and it went like that . We visited a lot of historical places, volcanoes ,restaurants and my favorite… beaches. I felt like I had the best week ever.

Hawaii, Oahu, Dramatic Sunrise At Lanikai Beach, Mokulua Islands, Palm Frond
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