A Useful Course

Dear Principle, 

I’m writing this letter to you to inform you that I am willing to prepare a course that is based on environmental consciousness. I believe that this course will be very useful for our students to raise awareness related to the environment.

As you all know, nature is very important now and will be in the future. We may not have achieved to keep our environment clean but we can protect it from now on. Even we and the kids that I will teach about this topic may make a difference because as they grow older they will do whatever they’ve learned from this course and teach it to their childeren or even to other people. With your permission I would like to give details about the program I intend to teach.

Firstly, one lesson out of forty two lessons in one week would be enough. The lessons will start with a fact about generally the environment and nature. The facts can be from the wasteful products, to the benefit and the harm of a flower. Then it will move on with discussions, research trips and so forth.  Lastly, for homework, I know that our students are dealing with so many things at the moment. Like, other hard lessons’ homework and exercises. So I won’t give them homework that they will strugle with  and it will not be something to do with writing. For starters I want some of them to find some facts for the next lesson as ı have mentioned before. They can look it up even they are in the school bus. Secondly, for one lesson I will want them to bring me their wastes. Like the candy wrap or a bottle so that in the lesson we can discuss how to replace them with the recyclable products. 

In conclusion, I can see how students are having a hard time and drowning in their lessons. So the purpose of this course is to make students take a lesson off, to free their mind and to make them concentrate in their lessons which have exams, but at the same time to teach them the worldwide issue, make them aware of the situation so that they can act on it and when it is necessary they can talk about it wherever they are in the world, and of course to make them conscious people.

Respectfully yours,                                                                                                                                                       Serra



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