A War With Nature

Earth is a wonderful planet containing equally wonderful living beings. A race called “humans” stud out from all other animals. They were intelligent and had a meaning to what they do. Throughout the thousands of years, they have automated their work with their technology for a better life expectancy. Although, at the same time killing the very planet they live in…

That is where the saying” We are in war with nature, if we win, we lose.” comes from. When humans weren’t on Earth, it was infested with wild life but it was the nature of the planet. A nature that shouldn’t be played around with. That was exactly what humans did. Of course, it was to survive but under the circumstances it was too much damage we where dealing to the planet and to its contains. At last humans and wildlife were suppose to be in carnation with each other. Humans wanted better and faster. They wanted everything to be known. The race was hit with multiple sicknesses and disasters. Yet humans wanted to press on. Factories to cars, internet to space stations they wanted more knowledge more power. After all they were the smartest animals on the planet. It was a shame that not all were intelligent enough to look back and see what they have done to the place they live in. Until when they saw the damage they have dealt they realized it was too little too late and their demise has been certain.

The word” We are in war with nature, if we win, we lose.” really tells the story about the race that cut off the tree branch they where sitting on. I almost makes me sad and furious at the same time that how a race with so much potential was wasted being blinded by their own success not to see the consequence they will face. Really comes to talk about how, the smartest is not the wisest.

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