It was March 10th, 2008. I was 15 and my brother was 8. When we used to be kids my mum would tell us stories about her family. One day she and her parents were in a fight and got kicked out of the house. However, she would never tell why she got kicked out of the house. At that time I never knew who my grandparents were. So in spring break me and joe (my brother) decided to meet them. My mum drive us to the train station and our grandparents were going to pick up us after the road. Joe started to sing the whole trip, it was awful but somehow I handled it. After three hours of trip, we finally arrived in the town. Since we have never seen my grandparents before we did not know what they’d looked like. But thankfully they had this big banner that they were raising up to air so that we could find them easily. Not going to lie they were creepy and the town they were living in was looking abandoned. When we arrived at the house my grandma immediately turned to the kitchen and gave us the cookies she baked.

It was 9:00 PM and we were already in bed which was too early for us. Before going to sleep my grandpa warned us about not leaving the room after 9:30. It sound super weird and scary but I didn’t insist. It was around 10:14 PM and Joe woke me up because he said he heard something right outside of our room. I also did hear the sound too. It was like someone was scratching the wall. Since we were adventurous we would die if we wouldn’t open the door. The second I opened the door from the jar I saw my grandma. She looked freaky like it as if something has slipped into her. She was running into the house naked. As the second we saw this, I closed the door.

After that night Joe went to Grandpa’s barn and he saw him trying to kill himself. Joe interrupted him and distracted him. Grandpa said “Good morning” with a nervous sound. And adding up saying if Joe needed something. Joe asked about last night’s incident. Grandpa said it was because of her age she had dementia and that these incidents repeat itself for days. At nights it was Grandma’s weird actions and on days it Was Grandpa. We were 100% sure they were crazy. On the 6th day we called my mum on Facetime and told her there was something wrong with them. While we were talking with mum our Grandparents were outside the house. I stood up with my laptop and looked through the window the whole family was sitting around the table in the garden and all of a sudden my mum shouted and told us the shocking news of our lives. They were not our Grandparents, they were some sort of strangers. But to keep it professional I made a plan and decided to run out of the house at midnight. But what a coincidence! the night we were going to escape those 2 strangers asked to play boardgames together. But you know what happens after 9:00 PM? Grandma goes crazy. It was 9:17 and things started to go weird. The woman was acting like a psychopath and the man was trying to calm her in the other room. I knew it was the time and turned the crisis into an opportunity and escape. So apparently they were our Grandparent’s old friends who killed our actual Grandparents.

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