A World Freed From Captivity

Technology has presented inventions that have brought many innovations to our lives. They are inventions that facilitate and contribute to our lives. Technological developments have made it possible not only in business life, but also in various fields such as medicine and science. Today, science uses technological tools to study space. The wonders of technology are used to explore the universe. These are the inventions that guide our lives. Technology is now involved in all aspects of our lives.

Whether we accept it or not, whether we are happy with this situation or not, we are living in a digital world. Can you even imagine that technology has gone out of our lives even for a moment? Technology has added a lot of important things to our lives and has made our lives uninhabitable without technology. The world has become a prisoner of technology. Even education has become impossible to do without it.

Think about the time that you can’t reach your phone, I know about the feeling you feel when your phone runs out of battery or you can’t even use your phone for a few minutes is desperation. Although no one will admit it, when you get away from your phone, you feel like you’ve missed all the important things. This proves that we are all captivated by this digital world and this leads us to be uninhabitable without technology. 

Imagine that every single point of your life depends on one thing. If you unplug a plugged-in TV, the TV will be finished. If you unplug the technology from our lives, we will all end our lives. Considering that there have been so many digital developments recently that as soon as technology comes out of our lives, the world will come to an end. Without technology we are nothing. And in this century we cannot continue our lives without technology.

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