A Year Of Hope

Hope is a dangerous thing to have they say. Well it’s true but what else do we got to keep us going. Since it has been a very eventful year I would like to mention some of the things that I feel hopeful towards for the next year which is right around the corner.


I feel hopeful for the new beginnings that 2021 will allow all of us to start. It’s no doubt that this year went wrong in soo many ways. I believe we can all correct our wrongs and have fresh starts. “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” says Lao Tzu. If we compare this to 2020 I really hope that it’s true. Because personally this year was painful all from the start.


I am very hopeful that the coronavirus will be finally gone. All of us had to change our lifestyles due to quarantine and it wasn’t always for the best. It was boring and painful but hopefully it will be over this year. I’m sure we all miss the previous years when we didn’t have to worry about our health all the time or do online school. Socializing and seeing our loved ones wouldn’t be so bad after all of this.


I hope that this year social justice issues will all be recognized more. I really really hope that all the people will be treated equaly regardless of their gender, race, sexuality etc. We are all human after all and everybody deserves to be treated equaly. ‘There can be no peace without justice and respect for human rights.’ says Irene Khan and I couldn’t agree more.


I really hope that everyone will treat people with kindness this year. Because everything would be a bit better if we actually did that. I hope that everyone will pay attention to this more. ‘Treat people with kindness’ says Harry Styles and I fully agree with this statement also.


Lastly I feel hopeful that we will get to do all of the stuff that we couldn’t this year. Like spending time with our friends, meeting new people, getting new hobies, being productive as much as we can and being the best version of ourselves. I believe that keeping a positive attiude is very helpful through these demending times.


As a conclusion I really hope that 2021 will be the year of good fortune and greatness for everybody all around the world.

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