Abandoned House

I was an unemployed and poor man. One day I left home to find a job, I looked in all the shops, but I couldn’t find a job that suited me. Desperate and upset, I started walking towards my house.


After walking for a while, a strange homeless man came up to me. He started asking me stupid questions. Where is your house, why are you dressed like this, why are you looking at me like this, why are you so sad. Although I couldn’t understand it at first, I chose not to answer the strange man. After taking a few steps, he hugged me tightly, I pulled him away and immediately started running. He was either addicted or crazy. I came all the way to my house to get the key I had reached in my pocket and found a piece of paper with an address written on it. he must have written an address because I wanted to get a job.

I started walking according to the address. I finally got to the address written on the paper. It was an abandoned old wooden house. I realized that there were no job openings, but I was very curious about this mysterious house. I clicked on the door of the house, and then it began to open. I got in if I was a little scared. The house is dusty and dirty inside. There were cobwebs everywhere. when I came to the living room of the house, suddenly that strange man appeared in front of me. I got scared and started running away, and he hit me in the head with a hard object. That’s when I realized that the strange man put that paper in my pocket.

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