About Life

Life is too short for many things. Life is really too short to tolerate blank, people, ourselves, situations. Life is too short for thinking about life. Why does life seem like a never-ending torture when life is short for all that stuff? I guess the issue is related to the relativeness of time.

I have so many thoughts about life. They gave me a life in the world I came to without my consent and said to live it. When they said this to me, they didn’t say it would be this hard. So was life hard or was it us who made it hard? I think it was us that made it difficult. People made life difficult. We upset life so much with what we said, what we did, what we thought, and it gave us lives we didn’t want. Well, then we deserved it. Is it really so or are we deceiving ourselves right now? I don’t have an answer to that for now, like a lot of things. I have so many questions but the answers I’m looking for don’t seem to exist in this world. I think this world does not understand me. Do I understand myself though, that’s a different issue. So do I understand life? I do not think so. The process we call life is so complex that it is impossible to understand. So much confusion, so many unanswered questions make me tired.  When I was little, I never got tired because when I was little, I didn’t think about anything. I was happy. Happiness is what they say will pass when you grow up. It is said that the export has started for the happiness that is quickly consumed in the markets, but there are concerns that it will not be enough for the public.

So what does life expect from us? That we live it better or that we care about it more? I don’t really care what life expects from me, what really matters is what I expect from it. I’m not going to give it what it wants unless life gives me what I want. Actually, maybe that’s the problem. maybe the problem is my stubbornness with life.

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