About Myself

Why me, why me, why? In the moonlight, I asked myself… I was simply wondering my reason for existence. Some kind of existential crisis and the state of being between dreams and reality as we call it. My unnecessary outburst was based on me being me. Why was I this person I became? 

As I fell into a brown study, I could feel the presence of the music rather than hearing it. Everybody would want to be the best version of themselves. So if we would believe there are parallel universes, there should be a better and a worse version of me. Which decisions make the self better or worse? Moreover, I am that person in every situation so does it leave a mark on my soul or am I that lost and unconnected?

Now I see the future the way I want to see. With all the hope that it is the future in one of the realities. It is my unluckiness if I am not the one to see. Lady in the wall, tell me a tale in which I am fulfilled. So you say I am complete except I do not let myself. How can you live like that? Don’t you realize the pain you will suffer if you love living that much? Or is it the end that makes you excited, a process to a perfect ending? 

I am not even sure if I am making any sense. Like an idiot dancing randomly in front of the whole world. Here is the beauty, I do not have the strength to strike a pose. I am as natural as I can be. I have to sleep, I have to study, I have to be kind, I have to respect… No, I just need a second to step away from all those, I will find you when I am ready.

Dear friends who read this, I am afraid my time has come to say goodbye. Be good to each other, fight, love, dance, read, sing until you are out of breath. Farewell!

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