Academic & Personal Life

Some people, especially most of the parents, thinks like “Academic career is the most important thing in life. Children should focus on nothing but their lessons and their academic stuff.” and parents which thinks like that, forces their children to study on their lessons and doesn’t let them to have some hobbies or hanging out with their friends, a few of them doesn’t let their children to surf on internet or have any kind of social media account like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Also there are people who has an opinion like “Life is not just school and classes etc. People shouldn’t just focus on school. It is OK to have some free time, hanging out with your friends, having average grades. Free times are not a big deal unless the risk of failing classes. Because teenage years are the best time of a human’s life which aren’t going to come back and it shouldn’t be wasted on studying about a lecture which you probably never going to use in your entire life.”

In my opinion, It is OK to have some free time and give a break from school and spend some peaceful time. Researches are showing that people who takes breaks while studying are more succesful than the ones who does not. Study smart, not hard. You can also focus on your social and personal life in one condition. Do not go overboard.  Because there is a thin line between making the most of your youth and ruining your entire life. School is not the most important thing at life but it has a huge effect on your future. If you are aware of that, you probably don’t have any problem about your academic career.

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