Academic Succes Between Siblings

“In this life, the person who never lets your back come down, the first person to reach out to you if you fall, and the person who will never leave your side is your sibling.”

People who have a sibling experience a wonderful feeling, they always have a friend by their side. But some families don’t treat all siblings equally for ridiculous reasons like birth order and gender. That’s why the siblings grow up in a completely different way, even though they grew up in the same house.

Some think that older siblings are smarter or that academic achievement decreases as the number of siblings increases. To be honest, such a mentality is extremely ridiculous and illogical. How can things like people being older or younger, having more siblings, have anything to do with their intelligence level? Don’t get me wrong, this is a judgment that can be said if we examine every family with the same standard and attitude. First of all, I think people’s sibling-intelligence comparison is something that stems from their upbringing. As you know, in the past, girls did not study, only boys went to school. There were also those who only sent the older child to school and did not send the younger ones, and today there are families who behave this way, albeit a little. I think it depends on the number of siblings and this is the biggest factor that keeps the academic achievement comparison between siblings.

Today, although there should not be a connection between the number of children and academic success, unfortunately, there is and we cannot ignore it. We can examine the behavior of parents towards their children in various ways. First of all, there are families who have only one child and provide the necessary education, and there are also families who provide equal and adequate education to all of them despite having more than one child. In fact, these two types of behavior should be. If one is successful and the other is unsuccessful despite equal treatment, it is a child-related situation. But if you have two children and spend all their educational support on one child who is financially sound, it is bad parenting. If we only evaluate such people, there is certainly increased success depending on the number of siblings, but this attitude of behavior is unacceptable.

In general, if parents treat their children unequally and then say that academic success is related to the number of siblings, they are basically bad parents. People really need to get rid of such thoughts and behaviors so that their children can later grow into people who contribute to our world as successful people.

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