Academic Success or Skill Developement?

The word education means the process of teaching systematic instruction, in other words, teaching a curriculum or simply learning. We learn to be able to understand our surroundings, and we transfer the information generation by generation.

Education is crucial for nations. Students go to education facilities to comprehend, analyze and apply the information. It builds and prepares the current younger generation for becoming the future generation, and it is fundamental to a country’s future. However, our education system students by grades to estimate their education level. Teachers teach students and examine them to see if they can understand. Some people claim that grading and exams ruin the real purpose of education, which is learning skills about a specific subject. They say that students have to learn every aspect of various subjects. Then, when they are examined, they are expected to have high grades. If the candidate has poor grades, the exam indicates that the person’s education is insufficient.

This situation has been very confusing for many students and parents. Some are perfectionistic about grades, and some does not care. The main question is should students focus on getting grades, or can they educate themselves?

Education experts state that academic success and skills are essential if they want to have a great job. The 20th century was all about academic success. The majority of the people who had successful careers had spectacular academic performance. Nonetheless, conditions are changing slowly. There are well-known companies that interview high school graduate people in the US. For instance, one of Elon Musk’s companies “Neuralink” recruited people with only the required skills. The importance of personal talents is slowly spreading. We believe that in the future it will become the norm.

Nevertheless, according to a questionnaire, students who can develop skills themselves have decent academic success. This correlation may demonstrate that students, who are aware of what they should do to have a decent job, also focuses on self-development

Furthermore, graduate students are not able to employ because for various reasons. However, some can find desirable jobs even launch their businesses. 

The most reasonable and logical answer to the main question is it is all about choice. Students can prefer to focus on their academic lives or balance self-education and academic lives. After all, society decides the requirements for a successful student. As I’ve said, academic success used to be the main requirement, and now it’s steadily shifting to personal skills.


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