Academic Success

I believe that having brothers or sisters may effect your academic success of course, because there will be a race always between you and your siblings. But as we can all guess that the problem is not the scores you get, studying enough or doing your homeworks well. It is clearly about your parents and their perspective. They want you to better but they can not understand that they are destroying your psychology. If you do have a brother or sister they will easily build up a rivalry for you all. As I can say from my family and myself, it is not only about sibling, cousins or someone who is related to family. It can be everyone, even a friend. I do have a strict parents about academical issues and not also parents, I have a whole family who thinks academic success is everything in our lives. There are too many students who are suffering from this disgusting situation as I can see. This needs to change for a better academic success. There is a phrase like ‘If you want a success, you need to work and study harder.’ for me it is not like that of course because I can understand how they feel. The system has been changed, it is actually changing now too. So you can not keep saying study study and study. You need to try to empathy with that children of yours if you want a happy and healthy life for them.

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