Academy Anectodes

As a one-a-be teacher I deem it safe to say that not all teachers are the best. Yet once you meet that one teacher, the one that makes the material fun to learn, more commonly known as the chosen one, the prophesy is true my fellow none paid hodman. Yet will I be talking about them? Nope.

Teachers aren’t paid enough for their trouble. Most just take the shortcut of crushing your dreams and I appreciate that, would totaly do the same. One time in mandatory choir we were all singing and the teacher stopped us. “Whose flat?” then she pointed to a boy and told him “You, sing”. He did for a bit then she pointed at another boy and did the same. She went through a couple more and said “You, sing” so i elegantly went “AAAAAAAAAA” “stop, during the next song don’t sing”. Either she was that good at hearing or I was that bad at singing. I mean don’t be fooled by my whining, if i were given the choice to sing or not id chose not to every time.

What if I actually wanted to be a singer and when she pointed at me i was trying my best and giving the performance of my life. What she said then would be soul crushing. Right then and there riping the posters off my bedroom walls. Luckily most other teacher I had around that time were more layed back, thought they definitely had favorite students and I definitely wasn’t one.

Ooh. One time during class my tooth declared freedom and yeeted itself out of my gums. Blood rushing down my chin, swallowing some and choking on it. What would you do if that had happened to you? Whatever it is that you did I didn’t because I have the common sense of a carrot. I stood there waiting for the teacher to turn his back from the board than to excuse myself to the bathroom as one should do. Too scared to tell the teacher, my teeny tiny meatloaf of a self just started smiling like an absolute boss that I am, psychotic. Seeing the blood my classmates started crying, well boo-hoo, tough luck, lifes hard, get used to it useless pieces of spaghettis.

One way or another I can’t wait to torture my future students and be the teacher to prepare them for the cold, uncaring planet. Someones got to do it.

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