Access to Your Music

Listening to music is a relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable way of interest in art that has motivational effects on people. Nowadays there are a lot of ways to listen to music. On some of the internet sites, you can listen to free music but in CD shops, you can’t listen to the latest music without paying for it. But, not all the people living in the same good conditions, money shouldn’t limit access to people for listening to music. Do you think it is equal?

First of all, listening to music should be free for everyone because the feeling of humans, not a sellable thing, rich or poor every people need emotions like music. If you try to sell music, poor people cannot benefit from it, and only rich people have access to music. And this can lead to class discrimination.

How To: Back-up all your Music CDs and stream them as high quality digital files | You can think that if people, who work in the shops, can’t sell music CDs, how can they earn money? Well, since they are not selling music CDs, they can continue selling other technological devices or video games. And also musicians can continue to earn money with their live concerts, without dealing with the online sites and make their music paying.

In conclusion, I believed that listening to music is like the right of all people without any exception. If you want to listen to music, in some way you should try to find your music against all the unequal conditions.

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