Ad Astra And Education

Hi, today I am going to talk about technological schools and I will share my ideas with you, lets start! 

So first let’s talk about the school that Elon Musk created. The school is named Ad Astra, Elon built this school for his kids because he thinks that in America, education is not that good. For example: when a Math teacher teaches a mathematical formula, the teacher doesn’t tell kids why that formula is important and why they should use it. 

Meaning of Ad Astra:  To the Stars 

At Ad Astra students were grouped based on their abilities, and make children play team games to test their abilities and their critical thinking. 

My Thoughts: I think this school is at very high level and I think people should build/ extend schools like Ad Astra because Ad Astra is teaching kids with grouping them on their abilities, that makes everything easier for students. 

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