Addictiveness To Digital World

ollWould you like to move your life to a digital universe? Metaverse offers you this advantage. Many people would like to live in a digital world rather than living in real life. Like me and probably you. But Metaverse can make us addicted just like people can get easily addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, the internet, and many other things.

ollThe Metaverse is a network of virtual surroundings that are always open where numerous people can interact with each other and digital objects with their virtual representations, namely their avatars. We can think of it as a combination of immersive virtual reality, multiplayer online role-playing games, and the web. Metaverse is not a new concept. This was first expressed in science fiction writer Neal Stephenson’s 1992 dystopian science fiction novel “Snow Crash”. Metaverse is now on the way to turning from science fiction into science and technology.

ollAs we know humans, they get readily addicted and come indigent to something because they can not control themselves. Digital life will seem more attractive to many than real, ordinary life. People who are fascinated by this will also become addicted and will not want to leave this world. And being addicted to a thing has never had a good effect on people. Just like the computer, it is delightful to play but some people might get addicted to it and as a result, they face problems similar to health problems and internal deceleration. In another way, Metaverse is a great invention but a huge threat to humanity because there is a high chance of people getting addicted to it. The people who would come indigent to Metaverse will change the reception of reality. And maybe you do not know but famous computer scientist Louis Rosenberg, one of the pioneers of augmented reality technology, said in a recent statement that the Metaverse can destroy our perception of reality too.

ollEven we will have a digital world, it is not for everybody. Life will go on in real too. If we let metaverse change the reception of reality, the world may not be somewhere to live for other people. We can not be this selfish. Let’s not let a digital, artificial world take away our sense of reality. Let’s try to live this right to life, which has already been given to us, in the best way in this world.

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