As i have moved my hand to my pocket. I realized that there was a paper. And an address was on it. I come to myself when somebody calls me in the corridor. The voice feels similar at first but it feels like my head is playing with it and making it different. It starts to become even more unrecognizable so i start to look around to see where it is coming from. However i start to feel like there are black walls over my eyes and i have a hard time to see properly. It gets even worse when i try to see it properly. How can i feel better? How can you focus? THINK! Eventually, I feel the warmth of my friend’s hands on my arm and he tells the person that is calling me. Then I say hi as I pass by them. I wonder how long i was walking without noticing anything around me. Have anyone else called me too? 

I walk into the class. And sit in front of my best friend. Oddly it makes me feel comfortable to sit next to the window and in front of my best friend. It makes me feel like everything is normal again. I cannot focus to most of the things professor says. Suddenly he starts to talk about us. “Now he has all of my attention.” says from the back as she touches my shoulder. I cannot stop thinking about the things professor mentioned in the class. What can i get out of my mind? recently i have been overthinking everything.

However can we get rid of our past? Some events effects us deeply even if we do not realize it. Whilst trying to get rid of the affects of the events we may find ourselves in a worse situation. Sometimes these events makes us feel like we are losing our minds. It makes it harder for us to hold on to the reality. And if we let it slip out of our hands than it gets out of control.

Soon enough I learn that there was a door that could make you forget about your past, everything you have been through, every bad thing that happened to you could be gone in just a few seconds. But is forgetting everything better than to live with our past? As i plan to erase my past i start thinking whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Can it  be like the old times though? I do not think because some pains are so deep that even if you try to erase it from the source of it you cannot find where it is coming from and it will always be with you. And the good memories will also be removed too.

However i find myself at the adress next day. Realising that i did not sleep here willingly. I should have been brought here. Whilst trying to understand how I got here I feel the coldness of someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turn my head to see it. And before I see it it pushes me from the door.


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