One morning I woke up to go to school as usual. But I was very happy and excited, because while I was thinking about my birthday and what was going to happen, I washed my hands, put on my school clothes, and went to the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen, my parents were acting like nothing had happened. Normally, every morning on my birthday, I always ask, “Happy birthday, are you excited for your new age?” they would say. But this time they didn’t care. It is very strange and sad or if they forgot, but why did I decide to have my breakfast without paying any attention to it? As always, I said, “good morning” and they said “good morning” to me. While I was eating my breakfast, chatting with my mom about normal things, I gave some clues that it was my birthday. But they didn’t notice, of course I was very disappointed afterwards. After I finished my breakfast, because my bus arrived, I took my bag and put on my shoes and hugged my mother and left. When I got off the bus and entered the school, all my friends celebrated my birthday. Then, with one hour left until the end of school, I was wandering around the garden of the school with my friends. When I put my hands in my pocket, I noticed that there was a paper in one of the pockets, when I took the paper and opened it, there was an address written inside. I was very curious what the address was and I was thinking how this paper got into my pocket. Maybe someone needed help and maybe I would have saved that person by going to this address. Fortunately, the address on the paper was very close to the school, I could walk to the exit, and if I went to this address on my birthday, it would be an adventure for me. Fortunately, the exit bell rang, I took my bag and went straight out of the school and started walking towards the address. When I reached the address without incident, I saw that my mother, father, relatives, family, and everyone celebrated my birthday with the balloons gathered. “Did you think we forgot?” my mom said, and I nodded. It turned out that my mother had put the address in my cardigan pocket before I woke up in the morning, and I was blown away when I learned that they had not forgotten it.

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