I have received a large amount of capital. Now, I just want to open a hospital. Because I am actually interested in medical so I want to build a hospital. But this is not just a simple hospital.  In my hospital, there will be the most experienced and perfect doctors. Because my hospital wants to find impossible treatments. For example, everyone knows that there are a lot of hard and really expensive treatments of the worst diseases. Like cancer, SMA disease. The news shows many children’s diseases and one of the most difficult diseases is sma disease. Families have to go abroad for the solutions of this week, but unfortunately the treatment of these diseases is very expensive, so most of the families cannot get the treatment of this disease just because it is expensive. This is a very sad thing and I think it is unfair. I will also build a special laboratory for advanced treatments in my hospital for children and families who are struggling with such difficulties. For example, there are many diseases that don’t have any treatment. Finding solutions to them is my primary goal. My other goal is to apply this treatment for free to people who are struggling with these diseases, which are expensive in other countries. This is very important to people and I want to make people happy. I really hope that in the future I can achieve these goals and help people which struggling with these difficulties.

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