It has been a month since the accident. I still had to take my medication. Everything was perfect until…

Spring ball was just a week away and I still had not chosen my dress. Chase- my best friend- has been forcing me to go shopping with him. Everybody in school thought that I was perfect all and all since I always got the highest grades and dated the most popular boy in school but nothing is as simple as it seems. Jason -my boyfriend- and I have been dating since fourth grade, we were raised together therefore we always got each others back. We were actually forced to be togheter from the start as if we were destined. He was pretty mature and quirky  around his friends. However when it came to me he has always been rude and harsh. I never talked back to him or anything since my mom always told me to be with him and never complain. Every time I saw him smile with those shining white teeth it made me realize how lucky I was and should be grateful. Everyday he came to pick me up but that day was  far more important. He picked me up and we went to the ballroom where everyone was dancing and laughing. I knew it was a hard time for him since his parents were the most strict and harsh people and got angry at him all the time so I offered to stay but he insisted on going. We danced for a while then he disappeared all of a sudden. Later on that night I heard screams coming from the lunge area. When I got there it was too late for everything. He has committed suicide. I remember hearing people say “ Do you bet that it was all her fault?” I blacked  out after a bit. Then I woke up in a hospital full of people. He has been buried last day.

Even after a month I cannot get over his note that he left. He said that he loved me a lot and he was sorry if he made me feel horrible. It was not my fault and he even wanted to stay to protect me. Even thinking about it I get motivated about going to college and making him Rest In Peace forever. Every now and then I check on his grave to make sure he gets the true love he deserves.

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