After the last 2 years…

After two years of unfortunate events finally, I have a little hope deep inside my heart about 2022. It has been a long and curvy ride since the beginning of 2020.  A lot has changed in our lives and in the world without our control. We lost thousands of people to a deadly virus that still has an unknown cause. We had multiple deadly forest fires, earthquakes, and more all around the world. Hasn’t anything good happened? Well, it did ..kind of… but when compared to all of the tough days we have been through they weren’t enough.

Anyways after writing a long paragraph about how terrible have the last two years been I guess it is finally time to talk about 2022. Like I said I have hopes for the upcoming year and some I really wish to come true. I really hope for a big change in Turkey’s economy in a better way, the economy wasn’t the best as long as I can remember but in the last month, we saw the worst peaks at currency rates and inflation. I would be so surprised if the economists take great action and save our currency from becoming worthless. Hitting the wall that currency rates have built,in every moment of your life is tiring.

I would be so surprised if I can change. Every new year’s eve I promise myself to be the better version of myself but I never become the better me. It is not that I try my best and don’t see the result it’s more because I know changing is hard and needs stepping out of my comfort zone so I just try to ignore the habits I want to change about myself. Which is PROBABLY not healthy but I still. So for this year I REALLY hope to become a better version of myself and be really surprised if I do.

The last thing that will surprise me if it happens in 2022 is the end of anything related to the deadly virus covid-19. It had an impact on every part of our lives since the day it came out. I really don’t think it would end but if it does ı would be so surprised happy and mostly relieved. I end my words with Hoping 2022 would be the last year we worry about Covid-19.

In any case, i hope everyone lives the best twenty twenty-two they can


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