Against Time

Time is a complex concept that is known by everyone, but whose meaning cannot be fully explained and which is difficult to define with words. Science, philosophy, religion and literary sciences have made different definitions of time. There are various units of time that are included in all kinds of science and contribute to its development. These units help us measure time easily. Time is people’s most precious treasure.

The clock, which is found in almost every home, is also an item that contains the measurement units of time. By dividing the day into hours and preparing a suitable program for ourselves, we shape our lives according to time. Time, which is the building block of humanity, has three different slice intervals. These are the past, present and future.

The past is a time period that we cannot control at the moment, that is, it is lived outside of our will. Everyone has a past, good or bad, and unfortunately it is not in our power to change it. For example, we cannot rewind and repeat actions we take now, or make changes in the present that would lead to different results.

The present tense is the name given to the time period of the action we are currently performing. The thin line between the past and the future is the concept of the present, which is a bridge and a kind of purgatory. Our actions in the past result in the present and thus the future is formed.

The future tense is a tense that describes an event or situation that will occur in the time period from now on. The past tense, which is the building block of the future, shapes and directs the future. If there is no past, the concept of the future does not exist, and we humans are only stuck in the present.

Going to the past is not an action possible in the present, but many articles, series, movies and the like have been written and drawn about it. While some people want to see the future and go, some people dream of changing the past and managing the future. So, which one would you like to accomplish?

Although seeing the future sounds like a very attractive idea, it makes more sense to me to influence and manage the future by changing the past. Because, if we see the future as bad when we look at it for a moment, we cannot go back and fix it. However, if we don’t know the future as good or bad and only change the past for the better based on the present, we do not take any risks and the results will always be good.

As you read this article right now, every single word will be etched in your memory and will also remain in the past, even gone. Remember that you cannot delete what you have just read as if you have never read it, because you can never change the past. People who cannot accept their past will be forgotten by blending into the dusty pages of history.


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