Airports Fear Me

There are certain times in life where your only obligation is to just simply seize the moment and take advantage of all the chances that lie before you. In my case, these opportunities were either backhanding the guard that clutched my wrists tighter than a corset did its owner and make a run for it or, in very plain terms, wait out my punishment.

As a person typically incapable of altering my fate and preferring to just go with the flow, I would choose the latter in most cases: as in simply let time take lead and carry all of my troubles away, as I did with most of my problems. There was just one tiny pebble on that road of smooth, assured safety though; I didn’t know what my punishment would be. Would they let me leave with a mere ticket and a pat on the back telling me to stay out of trouble or would they take measures as drastic as hanging my body metres above ground until I stopped moving? Was the latter even still in application, in this day and age? Absolute barbarians, these people were.

It would be outrageous for me to not stand up against such despicable excuses for human beings.

I steadied my leather clad foot and inched it back just enough to gain leverage, then with the might of a thousand stars… I stood my ground. Shoe pressing down tight on the tiles. Raised just the tiniest bit on my tiptoes.

”Am I allowed to ask for a lawyer?” I inquired, my eyes whirling between the two men that walked beside me. The personnel behind me chose to opt for an uncivilized manner of answering and gave me a harsh push by tugging at the collar of my shirt.

I had gone through the trouble of forming such a polite question and stabilizing the pitch of my voice in order to not cause offense and this was my reward. The crack of a bone echoed throughout the airport, I assumed that much, the noise was so loud and aggravating after all. Perhaps it seemed that way due to my proximity to it.

It all escalated so fast, when I regained consciousness I was back at the airport instead of the hallway to the exit only accessible to personnel. This time I had actual handcuffs surrounding my now rather abused wrists.

”I guess that’s a no for the lawyer, huh?” I mused and got a smack on the nape as an answer.

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