One day, while I was sitting at home, I suddenly heard the voice of someone shouting my name. I went out, no one was there. After that, I learned that my mind was playing tricks on me, even that it was an indication that the brain was healthy. Of course, I was relieved, I had such a cotton-like feeling on me. Because I was relieved, it may be a shame to say, but did it happen to you too? I asked out of curiosity. For example, in a situation like this, my brain is playing tricks on me. I’m doing my homework while I hear my mother’s voice. After that, I clear my head and continue with my homework, as in the previous one, when my homework is finished, I feel very relaxed and I like it that way. When you have such an orderly life, everyone likes to do homework and study, that’s all I’m going to say, see you.

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