All Eyes On Me

I was leaning my head against the window trying to isolate myself from the sound inside the bus. I put my headphones on and turned on a song from my playlist to calm down. As a person who hates loud noises all my life, I don’t like crowded places.. But despite this, I have had to use public transport since I started college.

When people’s conversations pierced my ear and reached my brain, I couldn’t help myself and told the driver to stop at the nearest stop. After a while, the bus slowed down and the doors opened. I got off the bus quickly. I took deep breaths and tried to figure out where I was.I had no idea. Because it was cold, I took my cardigan from my bag and put it on. My hair was moving according to the cold wind. I was mad at myself for being so desperate. I stopped thinking and started walking around. “Is there anyone there?” I have waited. After hearing no sound, I quickly put my hand in my pocket. I was just going to check the time, but I couldn’t find my phone. ” But I took it with me…” I heard a footstep while I was rummaging through my bag to find my phone. “Excuse me, can I use your phone-” I felt a great pain in my back when my sentence was interrupted.

It all happened so fast that when I came to myself, I realized that I was at an airport. My head was spinning and I couldn’t move my body. It was like I was paralyzed. I could hear engines, and I think my body was on a stretcher. They tied me up all over. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from far away. My eyes opened with fear. When the sounds started coming closer, I quickly closed my eyes. The stretcher suddenly began to move. “Hasn’t the girl woken up yet?” Then a second voice spoke.” She’ll wake up when she gets on the plane.” I think I understood what was going on. I had to get away from here! “Our boss’s most important client needs that kidney, you know, if we screw this up, good things won’t happen. We’ve already tried so hard to find the girl, we can’t lose her, okay?” My heart was beating so fast that I thought for a moment that it would be heard from outside. ” There’s a lot of money involved, brother, of course we can’t miss this opportunity. By the way, where’s the doctor?” Suddenly conversations and stretchers stopped. Then I heard a deep, harsh voice.”you can go away and leave it to me from now on.” The duo’s footsteps moved away. “I know you’re not sleeping, open your eyes.” I was out of breath when I heard the man’s harsh voice, I was nauseous. At first I didn’t want to, but then I slowly opened my eyes. A man in a white apron was looking at me. As I understand from the conversations of the duo, this was the doctor they were talking about. Doctor put the stretcher on the plane while I was locked in his scary gaze. His calm smile was deceiving. Was I going crazy, was it all a dream, was I being followed since I got on the bus, was this guy going to take my kidney? I had so many questions on my mind, I was freaking out.

As thoughts gnawed at my head, a robotic voice made an announcement. “……. The Brazilian plane will take off in five minutes…” The doctor came with the food with him. “To be healthy, you need to eat…” As I was forcing myself to move, he suddenly put a big spoonful of soup in my mouth. I started coughing when I almost choked. “You’re choking me!”my voice was cracked. “You have spoken at last..” I tried to get out of the stretcher. However ı couldn’t afford. The doctor was just looking at me and doing nothing but that. After seeing him like that ı started to bang my head on the hard surface of the stretcher and trying to get rid of the ropes in my arms.”Let go of me..!” Then I heard a noise. “Mrs. Clark, please calm down, it’s safe here. The nurses, hold her tighter.” My movements were interrupted by the insertion of a needle into my arm. The last thing I could hear as my eyes shifted was the doctor’s speech…“Patient: Mrs. Clark, thirty-two years old, was found unconscious on the floor near the bus stop, a schizophrenic patient who had escaped from a mental hospital…”

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