All-In-One Card

Who wouldn’t want a slimmer wallet without losing any functionality? The idea of a card that can do everything while occupying a small amount of space in your wallet sounds wonderful, but like with everything good, this miracle card will have some problems.

The main problem of having a single “master” card for everything card sized in your wallet is the possibility of you misplacing or losing the card. You wallet most likely has some useless cards that you use once every few months or less, now think that you lost one of those cards, not a big problem right? Let’s assume that you have 10 cards on your wallet and 3 of those cards are essential for your daily life like a credit card, your ID and your Çağdaş Market membership card. Now a random card slips out and falls to the ground while you are walking in a crowded part of the city. The probability of you losing one of those important cards is 3 out of 10. Now let’s assume you carry a wallet with a single pocket that carries your All-In-One card. If that card falls out you are doomed. Without a credit card you can’t spend your hard earned money, well you can always request a new card from your bank, can’t you? Actually, without your ID, you are just a blob of organic matter in the eyes of the bank so you can’t just replace your lost card. Sure you can replace your ID if it gets lost but that will take some time, and some time is not something you have.

However, if you can assure yourself that you would never lose your card, the idea becomes really logical. Even in practice (Fuze Card) it works, and if this technology gets developed further, it might replace your whole wallet. You would be carrying your phone and a card behind your phone case to do all your shopping. The current problem with wallets is that it can get bulky real fast especially if you carry cash around, in the future, it is believed that using cash will be obsolete unless you want to do something illegal so having a single card for all your money needs will be a great solution to bulky wallets.

Guess we will have to wait and see how the technology will evolve into something that can replace the reliable paper currency we use today.

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