It was a classic Sunday morning; no one was outside. Everyone was sleeping or chilling in their cozy home. Being aware of the unfortunate fact that they had to go to work/school tomorrow was making this precious time more valuable. I had no experience like this, but I was alright in my way. I needn’t a big house with big rooms that would make me feel even more alone. I have the things that can provide basic necessities, which is fine!

I live in an old cottage in the middle of nowhere. I found this place when I was ten years old and have been there since. It is so tranquil and isolated from people.

However, two things keep bothering me. I wonder what I would be if I lived in a wealthy family. A doctor, a technician, a baker, a teacher? Yet, none of them sounds engaging to what I hold in my hands now. I am free to do everything all day on the condition that I make enough money to buy some flour and milk. The other thing is I have no one to trust. If I had someone to cover me with a blanket when I fall asleep, support me financially and morally… Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way no good will come out by trusting monsters called humans. I try to console myself I don’t need anyone.

While I made my way home, the sun slowly left the sky for the moon to arrive. The orange color turned blue and gave us a visual feast. This beauty disappeared while people wandered around on the streets. But no one noticed that something was lying on the ground. First, I thought it was just a bag. But no! It was not! It was a dog! Breathing heavily, crying for help, maybe questioning what it had done to deserve this… The eyes of this innocent angel looked at me like I was a hero. That time, I wished I was a hero. I wished I could make the pain go away. I wished I could help that naive dog.

“So is this why you bring it here?” said the old lady. “I had no other choice. You were the only one I could think might help. Please don’t leave this baby all alone. I cannot handle it all by myself.” She looked at me and spoke. “There are no heroes or villains. We are the heroes and the villains of ourselves. We are the ones that can change everything and nothing. You are the one who can help this little guy. I am the one who can accept or refuse your request. But remember, being good or bad comes with responsibilities and is all about circumstances. You are caple of looking after it.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Could I look after it? Was I capable of doing so?

After a long talk, she said she’d cover all the expenses, and it could stay with me. I was happy, truly happy in my life. I no longer was alone…

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