Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is, as you can understand from the name, an alternative to traditional medicine. However, using the word alternative is not really right. The idea behind these “medicine” is that regular, approved and tested stuff is dangerous or not good enough, so you should get this miracle product that will cure you in milliseconds. As a result, some people drop their actual medicine to try these alternatives.

There are countless examples of alternative medicine sold as a miracle product that will cure cancer, aids, baldness, blindness and many more diseases. The most recent one I know of is the “Jillie Juice”, which is a juice that is mainly salt. The inventor Jillian Epperly claims that her miracle juice can grow limbs, cure cancer (she also claims cancer is just a fungus), cure aids and many more obscure things. However, these claims aren’t supported by any facts. The closest thing she can show as proof is an article she wrote herself claiming that the juice has healing properties. Besides, since the juice is mainly salt it has more destructive effects than healing effects if any. The average daily sodium intake of an adult should be around 2300 milligrams, but just the Jilly juice itself contains way more than that. This is not healthy as excess sodium can lead to hypertension which can be deadly. Even if the juice didn’t contain that much salt it would still cause deaths as people who believe in the juice quit their treatments to drink the juice causing them to get worse and worse until they die.

So in conclusion, alternative medicine is almost always worse than actual medicine. If you think about it, there are researchers with million dollars of funding researching cures for cancer day and night but these people claim that a mixture you can make at home will cure you. People who sell alternative medicine are people who make money on people who are scared of their life and they deceive them by telling that your illness will be cured after you use my product. This is a really bad business practice as you gain a lot of bad reputation. So do we need to use alternative medicine? No, alternative medicine can sometimes be ok to use alongside traditional science medicine but using only alternative medicine is a recipe for disaster and sadly it can be the end of your life journey.

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