An Affair to Get Lost

After a deep breath, her limbs are able to operate again… She can’t realize how rare and beautiful it is because she is afloat in that unique colors of the library and drunk with the smell of the books.

Maroon, brown, gold and purple fills her eyes and the silence is a dancing sparrow in her soul. Such a taste of relief! Her little world is now filled with the eternal light of the possibilities that those books contain. She grabs a books from the romance section, feeling ready to be vulnerable once again. While reading the book, she is never aware of the people who come and leave. She knows the incidents in the book like the back of her hand but still she is willing to reach chapter five. Without feeling tired, she read the book in two hours. Her pink, curvy lips look precious with that fragile smile on.

“Aren’t you bored of it?” asked a stranger. “I beg pardon, do I know you?” she answered. “Yes!” he said impatiently. “You do ma’am, since middle school.” She felt guilty not remembering him. As soon as she blushed he set a silent laugh free. “Just kidding, I see you every Wednesday and Saturday in that library, you take the same book ever time and then you continue with Agatha Christie and Paul Auster and-“ She felt anger flowing through her veins. “So you are stalking me?!” Her arcuate eyebrows rose. Her breathing was so fast that for a second she thought she might faint. It was too dangerous, she knew how strangers can be shameless and cheesy, she could do anything to protect herself. However, the stranger looked calm. “I am really sorry for that misunderstanding ma’am, I’m just working here and I unconsciously see what you read when I tidy up the books when you leave.” Again, she was ashamed of her mistake. “Oh, umm… You know, prejudice… How can I conciliate you?” She was mad at herself now, how could she make such mistake! “Nothing necessary, love forgives.” With that weird sentence she closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she appeared to be in a jungle. She heard someone shouting. “Attack!” Before she could understand what was happening an army ran towards her, thus she closed her eyes with her hands. The noises were ascending, ascending and ascending.

“Young lady, it has been hours and I don’t think you feel okay.” said the old librarian lady. She had hard time returning to the real world. How many books did she read in hours? The library’s atmosphere was taking her to a considerably deep world that she lost herself. “It’s time to go, I suppose?” the librarian lady asked motherly. “Yes, thank you.” By the time she reached the door the lady whispered. “See you in the next chapter Ophelia…”

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