Elon Musk took his kids out of the private school they used to go and send them to ‘Ad Astra’ which is made by him. He explains the reason of his action in this sentence ”Ordinary school weren’t teaching the things I thought they would”. In other words, teachers weren’t doing their jobs good enough as they would teach a math formula without explaining why or how we use those formulas. So, he built a school that only his workers and the richest people’s kids can go to in Los Angles. The school only allows kids from age of five to twelve to get education in it. Because it doesn’t divide kids to grades so every student can interact with the kids from their age, younger than them or with older ones. In my opinion this allows kids to learn how to act near with different aged people. Also allows them to be more respectful to both younger and older people in society. There also isn’t a study exam system which allows kids to be more carefree and spend their education life less stressful the most of the students around the globe. This will also leave good effects on their mental health and personality. Which is why I think is a good job to not stress them with schoolwork. Another thing that is different from other schools is that students learn daily life things and how to behave like what can and cannot be said in public or eating with your mouth shut etc. This means that they teach those kids to be more polite and be well behaved in others’ eyes. Because small things can affect a person’s fist opinion of you. Leaving a good first opinion in someone’s mind is an important thing because despite how much you try it’s one of the hardest thig to change a person’s opinions about you. It also will affect them positively in their future business career. The reason for that is that having a good first look of someone will also affect the business between the two people. And yes, I have to admit all of these facts about Elon’s school is cool but my favorite one is that you can criticize as much as you want, and no one will have the right to stop you from doing it. Which means that no one is stopping you from having a different idea with most of the students. But it will be vice-versa because in that school they aren’t trying to make you have the same opinion with them but try to give you the ability to criticize and argue about whatever the topic is. You can ask ‘Why’ as much as you want, and no one will try to make you give up but instead teach you the reason. That’s what’s wrong with most of the ordinary schools. They usually make you mesmerize things without even wondering why it’s like that. It doesn’t have to be a teacher it can be anyone that is small minded who is walking on the street if you asked them, they would try to make you think in the same way as them. That’s why there should be more of ‘ad Astra’ types of schools because kids deserve to have different opinions from other people. Heck even adults can sometimes have different ideas! That’s what makes everyone different and not our, but no other countries education system should be against it.

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